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(Apr 30, 2022)
(Apr 30, 2022)
Welcome Hirenthas !
(Mar 25, 2022)
Welcome Minnuirith !
(Mar 06, 2022)
It's been nearly 3 years since I dropped a message here. Hope everyone has been well! It's been so long since I played that I'm no longer a kid 😭
(Feb 13, 2022)
Thanks, Tess!
(Jan 29, 2022)
We are getting an ice storm today. If I don't show up for group tomight it's because of that.
(Jan 25, 2022)
Welcome Dulyn !
(Jan 18, 2022)
Welcome DaWidow :)
(Jan 09, 2022)
welcome Talcaeden
(Jan 03, 2022)
Today is Tolkein's birthday !
(Dec 28, 2021)
Another real life photo that looks like Sari Surma:
(Dec 21, 2021)
System wide login issue right now- don't panic when you get the User/PW error!
(Dec 19, 2021)
Hi Nera. We won't be meeting on Saturday the 25th (Christmas Day). See you in two weeks, and have a Merry Christmas :)
(Dec 17, 2021)
hi Podleaf here, i won't be able to make it for Sat night group, cya next week.. thx, sorry i have to miss..thx
(Oct 17, 2021)
The guide shows images of the steeds and cosmetics :)
(Oct 17, 2021)
Guide to Harvestmath festival:
(Aug 31, 2021)
Welcome back Taur!
(Aug 24, 2021)
Don't worry, Coralee. I've done worse!
(Aug 23, 2021)
Hello All!! I absentmindedly deleted my toon (I don't even know when), but she is now reborn!