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(Oct 17, 2021)
The guide shows images of the steeds and cosmetics :)
(Oct 17, 2021)
Guide to Harvestmath festival:
(Aug 31, 2021)
Welcome back Taur!
(Aug 24, 2021)
Don't worry, Coralee. I've done worse!
(Aug 23, 2021)
Hello All!! I absentmindedly deleted my toon (I don't even know when), but she is now reborn!
(Aug 21, 2021)
And after 4 months I have to say I missed you all and Middle Earth too much, so I'm back
(Jul 27, 2021)
Hi everyone, I am re-downloading the game and will return shortly :)
(Jun 06, 2021)
welcome Dirmold
(May 02, 2021)
Sorry i missed Sat night group,.. Graduation festivities
(May 01, 2021)
Hope you are feeling better Galanur, and we'll see you soon : )
(Apr 19, 2021)
hi tess, sorry yet again missing, im not feeling too well tonigth, i did caugth up with the epic and im vl 122 so all good on my end :)
(Apr 13, 2021)
No worries Galanur. Hope to see you next week : )
(Apr 12, 2021)
hey tess i wont be able to go today to monay night, till my working schechules let me properly catch up witht the nigth rest
(Apr 02, 2021)
I just want to say farewell to all my friends
(Mar 22, 2021)
Thank you!
(Mar 21, 2021)
welcome Rogvir
(Feb 22, 2021)
Welcome Narethol !
(Feb 22, 2021)
welcome Narethol
(Jan 23, 2021)
hi Podleaf here, i won't be able to make it for Sat night group, cya next week.. thx, sorry i have to miss..thx
(Jan 13, 2021)