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Officer Information

Fjaernor / Feb 29, 2020

Officers in Frodo's Friends have several roles. Among them are to recruit new members, potentially lead group activities, monitor kin chat, invite alts into the kin, be resources for information, and in general, be the super helpful folks that they are.

It's important that we have a leadership presence online for the above mentioned reasons, and to help make our kin attractive to potential new members. To that end, we are looking to have kin leadership online throughout the day.

Officers are kin members willing to help others, be online consistently, and are able to reflect Frodo's Friends positively on the server.

We are not looking to promote everyone in the kin to officer :) yet, if you, or someone you know, meets the descriptor for kin officer and has an interest in that role, I would like to know so that we can fill positions as needs arise.

Thanks for being a strong part of the kin!

Best Regards,

Fjaernor (FJ)


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