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Fjaernor / Nov 30, 2020
Bring your holiday spirit and fesitive spirit to our own Frodo's Friends Holiday Bash.
This year's event is hosted by our own, Braerindra

Who: You.
What: Kin Party
Where: 3 Colt Road, Alderway Kingstead - Rohan housing
Why: Holiday Celebration - Kin style!
When: Dec 13 8pm server time.
Come share a festive few moments with your kin fam!

Best Wishes to each of you,

Fjaernor / Feb 29, 2020

Officers in Frodo's Friends have several roles. Among them are to recruit new members, potentially lead group activities, monitor kin chat, invite alts into the kin, be resources for information, and in general, be the super helpful folks that they are.

It's important that we have a leadership presence online for the above mentioned reasons, and to help make our kin attractive to potential new members. To that end, we are looking to have kin leadership online throughout the day.

Officers are kin members willing to help others, be online consistently, and are able to reflect Frodo's Friends positively on the server.

We are not looking to promote everyone in the kin to officer :) yet, if you, or someone you know, meets the descriptor for kin officer and has an interest in that role, I would like to know so that we can fill positions as needs arise.

Thanks for being a strong part of the kin!

Best Regards,

Fjaernor (FJ)
Tauradain / Nov 01, 2019
Frodo's Friends Road Rally--1st draft

This is a road rally. The object is not only be the fastest, but to overcome obstacles the most effectively. Contestants start at the starting line together. The first to cross that line again is the first place winner, up through 5th place. Contestants must check in with judges at each checkpoint in order and use the trade function to give them the drops they acquired since the last checkpoint. Contestants may walk, run, or use their mount or war steeds. Any attacks by mobs, or Roving Threats, surprise bosses, or any other slowing down caused by the world is the contestant's problem to be overcome. All levels are welcome to try, but as the route goes through areas at level 120, it is not advised unless one is at least level 115 and able to go to Dol Dhannen in Dol Guldur. Moria access is required. Lower level kin members are encouraged to serve as judges in regions where they are comfortable. Contestants and judges will be in the same raid so communications are possible and rules can be enforced.

1)No teleporting. No using milestone skills, return to, or guide skills, or retreat to rally circle for hunters. Using teleporting in any form will cause the contestant to be disqualified.
2) No swift horse travel except between Dol Dhannen in Dol Guldur ruined and Tham Taerdol south of Felegoth, as there is no better way to go. Using swift horse travel anywhere else will cause the contestant to be disqualified.
3) Players must check in with the judges at each checkpoint and give them the required drops.[????] Failure to do so will cause the contestant to be disqualified.
4) Players are NOT required to follow roads and are free to use any route they see fit, so long as they check into the judges in the correct sequence. This is a race, after all. However, contestants must take their chances that the world will cooperate with their attempts to find movable routes. Players that get stuck can only teleport out ONLY if they report to the last judge they already checked into, and only if they're stuck in some land or water feature.

Starting and finish Line: An imaginary line between the mailbox and the fountain in front of the Prancing Pony in Bree.
Checkpoint One: Radagast's Keep in Ost Guruth
Checkpoint Two: Echad Candelleth
Checkpoint Three: Echad Dunann in Eregion, just west of Moria Gate
Checkpoint Four: Entrance, Vineyards of Lothlorien
Checkpoint Five: Entrance, Felegoth
Checkpoint Six: In front of the Jolly Bell Tavern in Dale
Checkpoint Seven: The central bridge in Rivendell
Checkpoint Eight: Esteldin in the North Downs
Checkpoint Nine: Tinnudir on Evendim
Checkpoint Ten: in front of the Bird and the Baby pub in Michel Delving
Then on to the finish line in front of the Prancing Pony.

What do you think, Tess and FJ?
Tessar / May 21, 2019
I am pleased to announce that we have been invited to join the Wanderers Alliance, headed by Pontin of the Second Breakfast kinship. This gives all of us more opportunities for group events. Participation is optional and is done mainly via their in-game chat channel. To join it type:
/joinchannel Wanderers (note there is a space in the middle)
It will be assigned to a number, for most people it will be 1 or perhaps 2. To type in that channel, type:
/1 yourtext (or /2)

They have normal rules of conduct for their chat channel and their events - to be polite and respectful.

More info is on the Alliance website at

Happy Gaming !

Tess : )
Tessar / Apr 28, 2019
April 28, 2019

I am pleased to announce that our own awesome Fjaernor has agreed to take on the role of Co-Leader of Frodo’s Friends, along with myself. So we will have two Leaders that you can turn to, and we will all benefit by having the energy and focus of two people to help keep this kin vibrant and running smoothly.

Since the game does not have an official Co-Leader title, we will use the Leader and Successor titles and swap them back and forth every few months.

Thank you for accepting this responsibility Fjaernor!

And I also want to give a huge thanks to Bran who has been our Successor for the past ten months. I appreciate all you have done for this kin, Bran!

And of course our Officers help a great deal to keep things fun and alive here - you guys rock!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns….and…..

Remember to have fun : )

Tessar / Jun 26, 2018
Everyone, please join me in welcoming our new Successor - Brandimur (Branthor, Brandabear, Branalas,etc) !

Bran has been a helpful member of this kinship for 6 years. He plays often, has lots of game knowledge that he freely shares, and he has at least one toon in every class so he is a valuable resource for class tips.

I am grateful for all of his contributions to this kin and I consider myself lucky to be his friend.

Congratulations and thank you Brandimur !

Tess : )
Tessar / Jun 19, 2018
Our Successor, Dilligence, has a vision for a kinship that has its own unique culture which is similar to ours in some ways and different in other ways. After in-depth discussion I have encouraged him to realize his dream by forming a new kinship which will be allied with ours – a sister-kin.

This gives you an opportunity to re-think what you really want and make the choice that is best for you. We will provide a clear description of the culture of each kin via game mail so that you can make an informed decision.

I encourage everyone to put aside ideas of loyalty to me or to Dill. I want you to be loyal to YOURSELVES and your own preferences. LOTRO is a game, meant to be fun. Go where your heart takes you.

And if you find that neither kin is really what you want, then go find another you like better. Ask questions about their culture before you join.

Dill will be accepting new members into his Righteous Kingdom kinship on Tuesday June 19.

Let us set a shining example of true friendship & cooperation in this transition.

Tessar : )

Kin Description for Frodo’s Friends – Leader Tessar
A relaxed social kinship. We foster a friendly, light-hearted kinchat that is family rated. To keep it light we discourage debate on religion,/politics/controversial topics. We focus on enjoying the game and building our characters. This is a safe place to come to forget the trials of life and just have fun. Events are offered spontaneously when someone genuinely wants to. We prefer to be a medium sized kin with a strong core of dedicated members who love Tolkien’s LOTR.