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Erlic was born in Minas Tirith. T.A 2980. He was the only child of Gregor and Maren . Maren died when Erlic was still an infant. He was raised by his father Gregor, a soldier in the Gondoran Army who achieved rank and status through several ‘acts of valor’ during the ongoing war with the hordes of Mordor. He was eventually awarded the title Condir (Squire) by the Steward of Gondor himself, Denethor II, son of Ecthelion II.
But fame and fortune did not stay with Gregor. He had an unhealthy appetite for gaming and it wasn’t long before the wealth gained though his exploits on the battlefield were squandered and lost at the gaming tables in lower Minas Tirith.
By the time Erlic reached the age of 17, Gregor had drained the family fortune and had been stripped of his title. Having stained the family name and with creditors breaking down his doors, Gregor saw no future for his family in Minas Tirith. He sold everything he owned with the exception of his armor and sword, which he gave to Erlic for safekeeping while he left to settle his affairs with the creditors. It was the last time Erlic saw his father. News reached Erlic the following day that his father was found dead in the alley behind a gambling hall.
Erlic quickly traded the empty house to the neighbor for a horse and set off for a new life outside the only land he had ever known. He traveled north and although he had some skills with the sword he found only limited adventure and eventually found himself in the town of Bree. He signed on as an apprentice with a local blacksmith and quickly learned the trade, becoming a weapon smith.
During his time in Bree, threat from the enemy grew. His services became more and more valued but his real longing was to serve not only with his anvil, but with his sword and armor. He felt if he were to defend the free peoples of Middle Earth, as his father once did, he could somehow redeem the his family name. Erlic closed his shop and took up residence in the Comb & Wattle Inn in the village of Combe, serving under Constable Underhill. He distinguished himself in the campaign against the Blackwolds and soon found himself caught up in an adventure much bigger than he had imagined.
As the war brought him back to Bree he heard rumors of a group of adventurers whose ideals were far above those of the common soldier around him. He too wanted to do more than just wage war for glory and plunder. Like them he believed in protecting the innocent, defending the defenseless, helping the helpless, and restoring righteousness to a war weary land. So he set off to track down the leader of this famous band of warriors to see if he could join them in their cause. He was soon put in touch with their leader, Protecting the Innocent. After confirming Erlic was in pursuit of the same lofty principles, Protecting allowed him to join. Erlic has been in the service of The Righteous Kingdom ever since, and that service has taken him through out Eriador. But his heart longs to return some day to the White City, and restore honor to the name Pendragon once again.
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Erlic Pendragon, son of Gregor Pendragon.